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The One Thing Nobody Shares About Making a Living Online

It's not about what works for other people.

It's about what works for you!

Let's be honest:

👉 Tom Hanks became wealthy by starring in blockbuster Hollywood movies. Should you learn how to act as well?

👉 Your super extrovert friend from university gets promoted to Director of Sales and buys a nice car. Should you change your career and get a Sales job?

👉 Your cousin, who's got a great voice, lands a record deal and becomes famous overnight. Should you start singing?

People have different skills.

Different personalities.

And most importantly: different life goals!

Now my question to you is:

Why would it be any different when choosing how to start working online?

What do you mean by this?, I hear you say.

Ok, let me explain.

My name is Eduardo Borges, an experienced marketer making a living online for more than twenty years, and today I want to show you how it's done.

I'll Show You How To Find YOUR Ideal Online Income...


The 4 Types of (Real) People That Are Working Online Today

I'm not sure how familiar you are with the terms "working remotely" or "making-a-living online".

(besides all those e-mail messages in your spam folder)

So let me just explain it to you in a very... simple way.

If you are looking for an online income stream in 2020, you'll first have to choose what kind of digital person you want to be:

1) The Remote Worker

Basically, an employee working for a company. Fixed salary, calls, benefits, bosses, timetable, you know the drill.

With one main difference: they can actually work from anywhere.

(or where-ever they darn well please!)

Co-working offices are usually full of remote workers, as they require a minimum setup to do their job properly (nice chair, good internet, tasty coffee and people to chit-chat).

Having a remote job allows you to live anywhere on the planet within a suitable time zone.

And even better: no more hours in the traffic while commuting.

But if you don't really like the job regime (online or offline), then you have an alternative:

2) The Freelancer

The cool thing about being a freelancer is that you have time flexibility: you decide decide when to work... or not.

Like an Uber driver.

(but from a laptop and without drunk passengers)

Freelancers, in general, get paid by their clients per hour or per project concluded. How much?

Well, it depends if they are highly-skilled or not at all.

A mix of knowledge, authority and demand is what determines how much a freelancer is going to earn.

But humans are never 100% satisfied, right?

Some people want more free time. Others, better income.

This is the moment you say: "Eduardo, can I have both?".

Yes. You can try. But first, you might have to become:

3) The Business Owner

Or shall we call them digital entrepreneurs?

The same way you open a brick and mortar store in a mall, you could have created an e-commerce business to sell the same products online.

But wait: let's not stop there.

E-commerce is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to digital businesses.

In reality, there are thousands of business owners making a living online in ways and methods you would think impossible (or at least improbable).

(but don't worry, we are going to help you discover these methods, so keep reading)

The main difference between having your own business and working as a freelancer is that it might take some time to have real profits.

How long? It depends on the business model you choose and your ability to make it work.

Unless... You decide to buy an online business that is already profitable, which will turn you into:

4) The Digital Investor

This, to put it simply, is investing in online companies that do not require the owner's physical presence to run.

If building brands from scratch is not your thing but you do have capital to invest...

... why not buy a digital company that already has all processes in place and is even generating revenue?

It could be a blog, a software or a...

Hold on!

We'll get to the BEST options for each type soon.

But now you are ready to know:

The Best Way To Start Working Online (From Zero)

The main reason people fail online is that they are trying to work with things that are not suitable for their skills, passions and personalities.

- How's that?, you might ask.

Well. If you don't know something, you can always learn it.

But what if you are not good at something and really don't enjoy the process of getting better at it?

You'll only learn the basics. And that might be a problem.

Now think with me:

Why would you even choose that thing (that you really don't like doing at all), in the first place?

The answer is:

Because you don't really know what you can do online!

Nobody ever told you what works for you. You merely might have heard stories about what worked for someone else.

And that never really helped you...

Until today:

The day I decided to use my 20 years experience in the digital industry to create a step-by-step guide that can be followed by anyone on the planet.

This is - finally - the answer to the number one question being asked by those of you looking to work online:

"Where Do I Start?"

And that's why some people are calling this "The Best Training On How To Get a Remote Job or Create a Digital Business Ever Created".


Your Ideal Online Income

The Best Step-by-Step Guide for Making a Living Online

... or even while you travel the world.

This is what I've been doing for the last decade.

I have already lived in 17 different countries (and probably worked from 50+), just because I found what works for me. Always online.

And my mission today is helping you do the same.

After many years working remotely, I finally decided to give away all the secrets I've learned about making a living remotely:

And it's all here, in this course called "Your Ideal Online Income".

- How does it work, Eduardo?

Let's assume you are in any of these categories:

1) Working for a regular job, part-time or full-time
2) Going through the (painful) process of actually finding a job
3) Taking care of your family
4) Doing gigs here and there but without visualizing any future

And - as a human - you happen to be looking for:

1) More income
2) More time
3) More pleasure

Our video classes will start by helping you find out first:

1) Your Personality
2) Your Skills
3) Your Passions

That might sound simple, but then comes the secret sauce.

After finding out who you actually are, we will now match you to one of four income streams available to making a living online in 2020:

1) Remote Worker
2) Online Freelancer
3) Business Owner
4) Digital Investor

Now that we have your digital type, the magic begins.

You will learn from Your Ideal Online Income the best options you have to start making a living online, for the long term.

In the course you will have access to:

A never seen before list of professions and business models with everything you should know about each one


In these exclusive videos you will find out:

1) How Does Each Business Model/Profession Work
2) How Much Capital Do You Need to Start
3) How Long Does It Take To See Results
4) How Much Income Can You Generate
5) Pros and Cons of Working With It
6) Practical examples, Case Studies and Expert Interviews
7) Exclusive Resources to Become a Master

Don't worry if you end up with too many options.

In addition to finding out what actually works for you, you'll also have a list of the best niches to start.

Based on your personal attributes.

Instead of teaching you things like how to "start a marketing agency to advertise on Google" or "create an e-commerce to sell gadgets from China" or "create a blog to gain commissions from Amazon", we are:

Giving you a step-by-step guide to find out ways of making a living online that work exclusively for you!

So now it's time to decide:

🚌 Are you tired of commuting to work every single day?
💸 Your income right now is not really what you deserve?
✈️ Would you rather live in another city or travel anytime you want?
🕺 Maybe running an online business and becoming your own boss?
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Spend more time with your family, friends or with yourself?

If you said YES to any of the questions above, then:

Your Ideal Online Income is perfect for you!

And our lessons can be learned by anyone:

• Even if you don't have any specific skills or knowledge
• Even if you are not an authority nor well-known in your niche
• Even if you are not a tech-savvy person

This program will teach you how to start from absolute zero.

Step by step!

Are you ready?

Join Now: Your Ideal Online Income


Besides all the secrets I share with you in this course (things I've learned in 20 years working online), what people like the most is:

I'm 100% transparent about what really works for you.

If you are ready to change your life by starting to work remotely, from zero, this is the best opportunity you'll ever find online.

And if you came all this way through, you must be ready to enroll right now to Your Ideal Online Income.

So let's do this!

The original course price is US$ 497 but:

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You are getting access to 5 modules with secrets you won't find anywhere online - without an expiration date.

Lifetime access to watch it whenever you want.

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Started the course and decided remote work is not for you?

No problem. Use our 15-day Guarantee and get your full refund.



Your Ideal Online Income

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Who's Behind This Awesome Course?

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Eduardo Borges

Creating online businesses for more than 20 years. All-round digital entrepreneur. Helping people to succeed online while keeping their dreamed lifestyle.

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Ferenc Elekes

Ferenc Elekes

Working 7 years remotely for London's largest investment firms. Digital investor and travel aficionado. Knows everything about high-paid jobs online.

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